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Welcome to Buy My Toys, if you wish to contact us for purchase enqueries do feel free to email us at

We accept bank transfer and direct payment.

Kindly read all the terms and conditions before purchasing our items.

All Goods Sold are non refundable

We accept barter trading of our items which will be dependable on us.

Items can be mailed / traded face to face. But kindly note that the cost of the items does not include postage fees and buyer must bear the cost of the fees.



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 Wednesday, August 11, 2027 
12:44 PM
UPDATE (16 August 2008)

Amigurumi item added, customize your very own and we will do it for you.

Handmade and unique


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 Saturday, September 27, 2008 
9:07 PM

I am looking for the following items...
If you have it do drop me an email only if you do delivery by mail (no meet ups)

Squid Design ^

Stitch Design ^

Whole Set ^ / Scrump ^

Stitch ^
Whole Set ^ / Scrump ^


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 Friday, August 15, 2008 
11:02 PM
Cute Amigurumi (Preorder)

Cute Amigurumi (Crocheted Dolls)
Handmade and customizable by you...
You get to choose the colors, accessories, etc and we will do it based on your designs.

Don't worry, it takes us less than a day to do each, so the waiting time is pretty short

Below are some of the Amigurumi, we will be selling...

More items to be added, so stay tuned

Amigurumi Cake (A00001)

Amigurumi Cake (A00002)
Amigurumi Cake (A00003)
Amigurumi Cake (A00004)
Amigurumi Cake (A00005)

Price: $5.50

Email us for enquiries to get your very own

Yarn Color Chart


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 Saturday, August 2, 2008 
8:28 AM
Gashapon [Limited Stock]

Item Code: G00001
Description: Pooh Bear Gashapon
Cost: SGD$3
Qty: 1

Item Code: G00002
Description: Mickey Mouse Keychain Gashapon
Cost: SGD$4
Qty: 1


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 Friday, August 1, 2008 
8:24 AM
Blythe Keychain [Limited Stock]

Selling set @ SGD$28 / each @ SGD$5
Item Code: O00035
Description: Blythe Doll Keychain
Price: SGD$5
Qty: 1 each

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